A study in identity and anonymity, UN/SEEN is a series of original tintypes handmade with the 1850’s photographic technique called Wet Plate Collodion.  The process is fraught with uncertainty, mishaps, and artifacts that make each image wholly unique, and imbue them with a timeless and often haunting quality.  This unpredictable medium divorces the imagery from the viewer's sense of time and continuity, presenting a degree of conflict between personal identity and its inherent fluidity.

Photographer Doug Hanson and performance artist Rachel Elizabeth Maley collaborated to create UN/SEEN.

featured in:
Portraiture: Pictures in Photography  Black Box Gallery
Contemporary Portraits  Water Street Studios
Portraits and Reflections  Asia Camera Museum
EXCHANGE  11th Monk3y Industries
Third Person  Paupers Art Guild
EXCHANGE  Side Street Studio Arts

shortlisted for the 2015 Athens Photo Festival