Sound bath

A gentle and meditative immersion in the sounds of singing bowls, drums, gongs, and other tools. Participants “bathe” in the vibrations of ancient and modern instruments, attaining deep rest. Recommended for all seeking stillness and relaxation, including:

  • recreational, educational, and corporate groups

  • individuals addressing anxiety or restlessness

  • individuals or groups in stressful environments (hospitals, long-term care, intensive treatment)

Available communally or privately. Listen to selections on the Insight Timer app and Soundcloud.


Shunryu Suzuki wrote that we practice meditation “to express our true nature”. It is an intentional time and space to let go of the agitation and thoughtlessness of contemporary living. Whether practiced during daily activity, walking in nature, or in a traditional seated posture, meditation offers stillness and focus — two qualities that are becoming increasingly difficult to cultivate.

Instruction is available for individuals and groups in all settings, as well as in conjunction with mindful activities such as movement, creative work, and healthcare.

Tea ceremony

The preparation and sharing of tea has been ritualized throughout the world, though all major traditions share the values of respect, tranquility, and purity, among others. Rachel is the founder of Cha Dao Chicago, an organization which offers tea ceremonies and educational events to make the practice of tea accessible in Chicago and its suburbs.