Sound bath

A gentle and meditative immersion in the sounds of singing bowls, drums, gongs, and other tools. Participants “bathe” in the vibrations of ancient and modern instruments, achieving deep rest. Recommended for all seeking stillness and relaxation, including:

  • recreational, educational, and corporate groups

  • individuals addressing anxiety or restlessness

  • individuals or groups in stressful environments (hospitals, long-term care, intensive treatment)

Available communally or privately.

Sound meditation

A journey of moment-to-moment awareness, aided by the spontaneity of sound and personalized, guided meditation. Appropriate for all experience levels, including:

  • beginners interested in trying meditation

  • advanced meditators seeking a new experience of their practice

  • individuals looking to unify the body-mind for relaxation, self-awareness, or healing

Available communally or privately.

Tea ceremony

The practice of preparing and drinking tea has been ritualized throughout the world. In a Cha Dao tea ceremony, guests gather and enjoy tea in silence, creating space for stillness, physical awareness, and community. Enhance your experience with a guided meditation before or after tea.